Make your favourite website green

The world's climate problem is apparent in our everyday lives. Interneting for example - what we can't do without - is becoming an increasing part of the problem than most of us think. In many countries computing and telecom contributes to 2-10% of the energy consumption, and gradually increasing. When it comes to saving energy, we step into greener cars or buy energy efficient products, but we don't think about the CO2 being emitted into the air by keeping all online sites live and visible on our screens.

Internet is also a great platform to place a vote and make your voice heard. If there is a voting topic which is compelling and there is action for change then there should be no barrier to bring out a vote. It couldn't be easier thanks to Internet. Cleanbits (a green site) provides you the opportunity to bring out your vote on making your favourite website green. 

You can firstly check the status of the site using the green check on If the site is not green hosted then using the poll option you can vote for making this site green.

Cleanbits keeps tally of the total scores, and with 100+ votes or more, Cleanbits lobbys the web site owner and hosting provider to get this topic on their agenda. There is no guarantee of change, but since this topic is so sensitive it won't go without some public attention.  

Take renting a house for example. If the boiler is ancient and there is no insulation, you either pressurize your landlord to make the change or you move to a more energy saving accomodation. In the same way a website owner who has a grey hosted site can compensate the CO2 emissions from the site or simply step over to a green provider.  Cleanbits helps provide compensation measures or information on green hosting companies. Providing a green service is becoming even more important these days for hosting providers since customers find this also important.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to share an opinion on this topic.

Or forward on to others if you feel passionate to make a difference by voting.

Together making a sustainable internet.