Planting trees in the Netherlands

We've been planting trees since the beginning of 2007.

At first as a partner from The ClimateNeutralGroup, and later we set out to find plots of land we could plant trees on in the Netherlands. After an extensive search, we met the very helpful people from the Foundation 'Geldersch Landschap'. This is a government-owned regional foundation responsible for maintaining the public landscape in the province of Gelderland, roughly the mid-east of the Netherlands, bordering with Germany. Gelderland is the region with the most forests, but still there are lots of places left where the Foundation would like to plant trees, often to connect different plots of forest to each other.

Since march 2008 they are planting trees for Cleanbits customers. Untill now, we've ordered the planting of almost 11 hectare of new forest, and Cleanbits sold around 40% of the CO2-compensation of these trees untill now. If we sold it all, we will buy a new batch.

We've had some pretty succesful planting days with companies like IS, NXS and Computel, and even with the dutch registrar SIDN. We will upload some pictures soon.

If you have any questions, please contact René Post at [email protected]