Choosing a green hosting provider

Are you looking for a hosting provider to host your new or existing website or server? Is a 'green' provider one of your criteria for choice? If not it should be a serious buying criteria since keeping a straightforward website up and running for a year can emit as much CO2 as driving an average petrol car for 1650 kilometers. And the more complex the site the more emissions naturally.

Consumers are starting to consider energy labels when buying a new appliance or car. An internet site should not be any different for private or business site owners. Make it your criteria.

To help puchasers make a green choice, Cleanbits has showcased a list of green internet providers . By doing so they offer transparency in promoting a greener internet.

And in case it is not possible to immediately step over to a green provider, it is always possible to compensate the website or servers CO2 emissions in the meantime by following the greencheck at