Green hosting providers

Are you looking for a hosting provider that is green? Choose from the list of providers below to host your website or server. You can then register your site with Cleanbits as an eco-friendly hosted site - and without any obligation. 

The list below is only for the Netherlands. Are you looking for international hosters, then visit the Green Web overview on the Green Web Foundation website.

Contact us should you wish to notify us of other green providers.


Hosting providers

NL123WEBSHOPGreen Energy
NL20nine vofGreen Energy
NL24hostingGreen Energy
NLAbasprix.nlGreen Energy
NLAD HostingGreen Energy
NLAddvisionGreen Energy
NLAllround Tech SupportGreen Energy
NLAllroundhostingGreen Energy
NLAprmediaGreen Energy
NLArgeweb Amsio GroupCompensation
NLASP4ALLGreen Energy
NLAvot Media®Green Energy
NLBB-HostingGreen Energy
NLBenelux GamingGreen Energy
NLBEST Online Studio'sGreen Energy
NLbHosted.nlGreen Energy
NLBit B.V.Green Energy
NLBitencyGreen Energy
NLBizway BV - Managed HostingGreen Energy
NLBizzOnWebGreen Energy
NLBluegearGreen Energy
NLBlueYellowGreen Energy
NLBoon ITGreen Energy
NLBright Online CompanyCompensation
NLBset MediaGreen Energy
NLBTM-NetGreen Energy
NLBusign Internet ServicesGreen Energy
NLBVB MediaGreen Energy
NLByte InternetGreen Energy
NLBytologyGreen Energy
NLCocomo WebbeheerGreen Energy
NLCoffeeSprout ICT ServicesGreen Energy
NLCompuBase Internet SolutionsGreen Energy
NLComputelGreen Energy
NLContactivityGreen Energy
NLCreagraphyGreen Energy
NLCreative BytesGreen Energy
NLCsorba MediaGreen Energy
NLDa WorldGreen Energy
NLDDSGreen Energy
NLDenit Hosting SolutionsGreen Energy
NLDeviateGreen Energy
NLDigiBit webdesign & developmentGreen Energy
NLDigit ServicesGreen Energy
NLDigit SuppliesGreen Energy
NLDirectVPSGreen Energy
NLDiverseLabGreen Energy
NLDomeinbalie.nlGreen Energy
NLDPCHostingGreen Energy
NLDreamsolutionGreen Energy InternetbureauGreen Energy
NLEasyhosting B.V.Compensation
NLEK-Hosting Internet SolutionsGreen Energy
NLEkohostingGreen Energy
NLElaborateGreen Energy
NLEMS MediaGreen Energy
NLEnetcoGreen Energy
NLErmis | InternetdienstenGreen Energy
NLEvanheckCreationsGreen Energy
NLEvoswitchGreen Energy
NLEweka Internet ServicesGreen Energy
NLExtreemhostGreen Energy
NLGetHostGreen Energy
NLGlobeviewGreen Energy
NLGoGreenHostingGreen Energy
NLGreenbit Groene HostingGreen Energy
NLGreenhostGreen Energy
NLGroene HostingGreen Energy
NLHaarlem HostingGreen Energy
NLHage HostingGreen Energy
NLHGHS MediaGreen Energy
NLHofstad HostingGreen Energy
NLHostingcontrol - Webhosting & InternetdienstenGreen Energy
NLHostingidGreen Energy
NLHostingU2Green Energy
NLHostingvisionsGreen Energy
NLHostingwalkGreen Energy
NLHostingXS B.V.Green Energy
NLHUSS BVGreen Energy
NLI3D.netGreen Energy
NLIceHostingGreen Energy
NLImecoGreen Energy
NLInconel BVCompensation
NLInDiv SolutionsGreen Energy
NLInfracom Internet B.V.Green Energy
NLInmesoGreen Energy
NLIntermax Managed HostingGreen Energy
NLInternet Service Europe BVGreen Energy
NLInternet Unie Services B.V.Compensation
NLInternetbureau OminesCompensation
NLIP-SecurityGreen Energy
NLIPS B.V.Green Energy
NLIS GroupCompensation
NLiXL HostingGreen Energy
NLiziMediaGreen Energy
NLJSK Hosting SolutionsCompensation
NLKant en Klare SiteGreen Energy
NLKeenondotsGreen Energy
NLKiezoGreen Energy
NLKlimaathostingGreen Energy
NLKnippin Ict consultingGreen Energy
NLKPNGreen Energy
NLLeaseWebGreen Energy
NLLennMediaGreen Energy
NLLinga WebdesignCompensation
NLlow-budget-hosting.nlGreen Energy
NLMaakumGreen Energy
NLMagento Hosting NLGreen Energy
NLMairel SolutionsGreen Energy
NLMangelot HostingGreen Energy
NLMihosnet InternetGreen Energy
NLMijn Hosting PartnerCompensation
NLMijndomeinGreen Energy
NLMLD HostingGreen Energy
NLMove Next BVGreen Energy
NLMultizone Internet SolutionsGreen Energy
NLNederHostGreen Energy
NLNederHostGreen Energy
NLNederland WebhostingGreen Energy
NLNedWebGreen Energy
NLNeostrada b.v.Green Energy
NLNet Ground B.V.Green Energy
NLNetcompanyGreen Energy
NLNetexpo InternetGreen Energy
NLNetvictoryGreen Energy
NLNitroserveGreen Energy
NLno.dotsGreen Energy
NLNOSUITS, Solutions!Green Energy
NLNovosite B.V.Green Energy
NLNuntius B.V.Green Energy
NLNXS Internet BVGreen Energy
NLOstendoGreen Energy
NLOxilionGreen Energy
NLPCextreme B.V.Green Energy
NLPEWEBGreen Energy
NLPhost.nlGreen Energy
NLPlant Hosting & Co-locationGreen Energy
NLpluscloudGreen Energy
NLPowerXS B.V.Green Energy
NLPrevider BVGreen Energy
NLPrioserve InternetdienstenGreen Energy
NLProserveGreen Energy
NLProtagonist WebhostingGreen Energy
NLQuebit BVCompensation
NLQweb Internet Services B.V.Green Energy
NLReasonNetGreen Energy
NLRicksel HostingGreen Energy
NLRijndata BVGreen Energy
NLRKabisGreen Energy
NLRobiz HostingGreen Energy
NLRootPoweredGreen Energy
NLRowanzGreen Energy
NLSabroWebhostingGreen Energy
NLSATserverGreen Energy
NLSedon Internet & ICT DienstenGreen Energy
NLSenssonGreen Energy
NLSentia BVGreen Energy
NLServeoGreen Energy
NLServeriusGreen Energy
NLShock Media B.V.Green Energy
NLSigma SolutionsGreen Energy
NLSinnerGGreen Energy
NLSitebytes BVGreen Energy
NLSitixGreen Energy
NLsLaunch.nlGreen Energy
NLSmeding ConceptsGreen Energy
NLSolcon Internetdiensten BVGreen Energy
NLSonologicGreen Energy
NLSorcer Internet ServicesGreen Energy
NLStarthosting BVGreen Energy
NLStayclose B.V.Green Energy
NLSudus InternetGreen Energy
NLSuperior Internet ServicesGreen Energy
NLSupporting ColoursGreen Energy
NLSyndicate ConsultingGreen Energy
NLSynegicGreen Energy
NLTens vofGreen Energy
NLTimmiT.nlGreen Energy
NLTirato B.V.Compensation
NLTrans-IXGreen Energy
NLTransIP B.V.Green Energy
NLTuesday MultimediaCompensation
NLtwiga SolutionsCompensation
NLTwiLight INCGreen Energy
NLUniqueDNS Hosting FacilitiesGreen Energy
NLUSCN Internet Services B.V.Green Energy
NLvan waveren computerserviceGreen Energy
NLVertixo Hosting SolutionsCompensation
NLVEVIDAGreen Energy
NLvH DigitaalGreen Energy
NLVIP InternetGreen Energy
NLVirtual DynamixGreen Energy
NLVistawebGreen Energy
NLVivor B.V.Green Energy
NLVolgens BartjesGreen Energy
NLVovoneGreen Energy
NLVoxio Internet ServicesGreen Energy
NLw3xoGreen Energy
NLWeb-OkeGreen Energy
NLwebhostaanbieding.nlGreen Energy
NLWebhostNowGreen Energy
NLWebing WebhostingGreen Energy
NLWebsdesign Internet CommunicatieGreen Energy
NLWebsitemanGreen Energy
NLWebspeciaal Internet DienstenGreen Energy
NLWebteam BVGreen Energy
NLWhizzwebGreen Energy
NLWickedWay WebhostingGreen Energy
NLWideXSGreen Energy
NLWIPA Nederland B.V.Green Energy
NLWorldstream Internet SolutionsGreen Energy
NLX-site Internet ServicesCompensation
NLXel Media B.V.Green Energy
NLXenomedia B.V.Green Energy
NLXfast Internet SolutionsGreen Energy
NLXimpleGreen Energy
NLXML Hosting B.V.Green Energy
NLXS4ALLGreen Energy
NLYour Web SolutionsGreen Energy
NLYour-webhostGreen Energy
NLYourhosting B.V.Green Energy
NLYourwebhoster.euGreen Energy
NLZeke Internet ServicesGreen Energy
NLZendmannetGreen Energy WebhostingGreen Energy
NLZijlstra AutomatiseringGreen Energy