Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Cleanbits?

Cleanbits was founded in 2006, when the first datacenters were switching over to green energy. The purpose of Cleanbits is to prevent confusion of tongues about what is ‘green’, ‘CO2-neutral’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ Internet is.

So what is green Internet?

The defintion as used by Cleanbits, is based on the idea of 'the extra step': all companies are very motivated to spent less on energy-costs, but that in itself does not make them 'green companies' but just another company that is burning fossil fuels. What Cleanbits wants to do, is to deliver support for those internet-companies that take the extra step and buy in green energy. We deliver this support by providing tools like the greencheck and the green web addons that makes transparant which companies have taken this extra step.

My hostingcompany is already ‘green’ but is apparantly not registered yet in TGWF-database?

We strive to keep the database up-to-date, but the Internet is a freightening big place. If you've got new information please share it with us.

Can I put the Cleanbits-logo on my site?

If you're hosted at a green hoster, you can add the Cleanbits-logo to your site for free. By placing the logo, you can tell your visitors that you're green hosted & support the ideal of a sustainable Internet.You can find our logo's at the logopage.

I want to move my site from a grey to a green hoster. What kind of support can Cleanbits deliver?

Cleanbits does not offer any hostingfacilities ourselves, but maintains a list of green hosting providers per countrythat you can use to orientate on a new hoster.

Great, but my site is already green hosted, and I want to do more!

You can support Cleanbits by adding the ‘greencheck’ to your own site or blog. Check here for details.

If you have more or others questions, please contact us.