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Cleanbits: bit by bit towards a sustainable internet

The internet has brought the world an unprecedented level of connection. Everywhere, all the time, people make contact with others, finding and sharing information, participating in discussions, creating new communities. In many ways, the internet adds new and positive dimensions to our global society.  

On the other hand, the amount of energy required to keep millions of websites, servers and data centers up and running is enormous. Many people do not realise that the internet has become one of today’s major polluters, already responsible for as much CO2 emission as the entire aviation industry.     

Cleanbits is an organisation striving to deliver a meaningful contribution to creating a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly internet. Firstly, by promoting the use of green energy for running websites, servers and data centers. Secondly, by compensating the CO2 emission from digital environments using grey energy. And thirdly, by financially supporting energy-saving projects throughout the world.   

By placing the Cleanbits logo on their websites and in other media, participants in the project state their digital activities are CO2 neutral, while at the same time they express their support for making the world wide web a more environmentally friendly place.  

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