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The free GreenCheck
Would you like to find out whether your web site is green, in other words runs on sustainable energy? And what about the company that hosts it or the data center you work with? Cleanbits will find out for you – free of charge. Just fill out your web site in the box that you find on the left side!

Free Cleanbits logo and green counter
Green or CO2 neutral websites, hosting companies and data centers can make free usage of the Cleanbits logo, thus demonstrating that they are contributing to a more sustainable internet. They are also offered a special ‘green counter’ that keeps track of the exact amount of CO2 being prevented from emission by using green energy. Two positive signals for customers and other relations and an invitation to join the growing movement of people and organisations wanting to give the internet a more sustainable character.

CO2 compensation
Is your web site, hosting company or data center running on grey energy and would you like to compensate your share of greenhouse gas emission? Cleanbits takes care of it. And, for a very fair price. Together with the ClimateNeutral Group we plant trees that compensate your CO2 emission.

Click on Our Products to read all about the possibilities.

Energy saving projects around the world
Compensating emission is good, saving energy is even better. A substantial amount of our company’s income is used to support a wide range of energy-saving projects in different parts of the world. This is also done in co-operation with the ClimateNeutral Group.

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