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Questions about CO2 compensation

CO2 compensation: what is CO2 neutral?
‘CO2 neutral’ means that CO2 emission caused by the use of energy generated by fossil fuels is being compensated by

  • Taken CO2 out of the atmosphere
  • Reducing CO2 emission by using sustainable energy

CO2 is taken out of the atmosphere by plants & trees that grow and store the CO2 in their tissue in the form of carbon. A tree is actually a huge storage facility of carbon. On top of that trees also give us oxygen (O2) as a 'by-product' of this storage process. By planting sufficient numbers of new trees the extra emission of CO2 can be compensated for. CO2 emission can also be prevented - by using sustainable energy. There is no emission of greenhouse gasses involved in the production of energy generated by wind, water or sunlight.

How is the CO2 sequestration being realized ?
Cleanbits realizes CO2 sequestration in two ways:

  1. By means of CO2 sequestration in forests
  2. By means of CO2 emission reduction through sustainable energy projects worldwide
Cleanbits equally invests in both options. In both cases CO2 credits are obtained via the ClimateNeutral Group.

How can I be sure of the actual CO2 sequestration  ?
The sustainable forests providing Cleanbits’ CO2 compensation are being kept by the ClimateNeutral Group. Since 1990, this organisation has planted a huge number of hectares of forest in, amongst other countries, the Czech Republic, Malaysia and Equador. The woods all carry the FSC- quality mark, guaranteeing sustainable forestry. The independent SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) bears responsibility for the measurement of the amount of CO2 being taken out of the atmosphere by the forests, Triodos Climate Clearing House is responsible for the registration of Cleanbits’ CO2 compensation, expressed in CO2 credits.

Which part of CO2 emission as a result of internet use will be compensated for by Cleanbits?
Cleanbits compensates for the CO2 emission that is caused by the electricity use of web sites, servers, racks and data centres. Hence, Cleanbits does not compensate for the CO2 emission that is caused by using your computer and surfing on the internet or as a consequence of the manufacturing of the digital equipment.

How does Cleanbits calculate the energy consumption of my web site?
It is not possible to calculate the exact energy consumption (hence, CO2 emission) of every single website. These data are simply not traceable at the data centres. In order to be as accurate as possible, Cleanbits has executed an exhaustive estimation in order to define the average electricity consumption of a web site. This was done by means of hundreds of thousands of domain data including for example the energy use of email traffic, network equipment, emergency generators and cooling systems. Although the estimation will not exactly equal the energy use (and CO2emission) of every individual  website, this will be definitely more the case with an increasing number of Cleanbits members.

Does Cleanbits only compensate for CO2 emission or also for other greenhouse gases?
Next to CO2, the combustion of fossil fuels also results in the emission of other greenhouse gases. Cleanbits compensates for these emissions as well. The quantity of these gases is not mentioned separately by Cleanbits, but it is expressed in CO2 equivalents.

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