The Green Web Firefox Add-on available on Mozilla for free

As of today a new Firefox Add-on is made available by Cleanbits, called The Green Web and hosted by Mozilla. The idea is that you're just doing what you're doing on the web, and in a small screen at the bottom of your browser we're checking the sites you visit on sustainability. Furthermore, it shows you who the green companies are that are hosting these sites.

Install directly or read more.

Number of ‘green-hosted’ .nl domain names has more than doubled

In April 2010, SIDN, the .nl registry, and Cleanbits, the organisation that works to promote a green internet, repeated their survey of the .nl domain to see what proportion of domain names are hosted on a green or CO2-neutral basis. The results show a strong trend towards the ‘greening’ of the .nl internet zone.

One in four .nl domain names is green

Choosing a green hosting provider

Are you looking for a hosting provider to host your new or existing website or server? Is a 'green' provider one of your criteria for choice? If not it should be a serious buying criteria since keeping a straightforward website up and running for a year can emit as much CO2 as driving an average petrol car for 1650 kilometers. And the more complex the site the more emissions naturally.

Who are the people behind Cleanbits?

Nice website, great idea but who are the people behind Cleanbits?

A short introduction of the key players and their roles:


Make your favourite website green

The world's climate problem is apparent in our everyday lives. Interneting for example - what we can't do without - is becoming an increasing part of the problem than most of us think. In many countries computing and telecom contributes to 2-10% of the energy consumption, and gradually increasing. When it comes to saving energy, we step into greener cars or buy energy efficient products, but we don't think about the CO2 being emitted into the air by keeping all online sites live and visible on our screens.

New Cleanbits design and website online

Welcome to the newly refreshed Cleanbits website. We have given it cleaner and more integrated look and feel and hope we can entice more customers to take on the topic of green internet more seriously.

Cleanbits is an active social responsible company that provides companies the chance to check the carbon footprint of their web servers, provides options for compensating their CO2 emissions and showcases those companies that have contributed to a greener internet.

Take a look around the site if you haven't already.

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