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For many of us Internet has become part of our daily lives. Computer, laptop, smartphone and iPad are soulless machines without internet-access. Beyond our sight that same Internet unfortunately is using enormous amounts of grey energy, and as a results the Internet of today isn't very sustainable yet.

The buyers of all this grey energy (produced by burning coal and other fossils) are mainly datacenters and large hosting companies. The extra costs for buying green energy are pretty low, so it isn't about money. The only reason they often don't care, is because they believe you as an internet-user does not care!

Cleanbits is an active organisation striving to deliver a meaningful contribution towards creating a more sustainable internet. From 2006 till october 2012 we did this by selling green energy ourselves through our webshop, for servers & sites that were grey hosted.

Because of the growth of the green Internet (around January 1, 2013 roughly 17-20% of all sites worldwide is green hosted) we think it is possible now for almost all site-owners to move their business to a green hoster if they would want to. We want to facilitate this process by making clear through the tools & lists on this site which hosters are green!

In 2011 we started The Green Web Foundation (TGWF) in order to start working on a more broader base then only the Dutch hosting market.

By placing the Cleanbits logo on your website and in other media, participants state their digital activities are CO2 neutral, while at the same time they express their support for making the world wide web a more environmentally friendly place. Together we can make an enormous difference.

Arend-Jan Tetteroo (NL) and René Post (SE) Contact-details:

If you are looking to add your hosting provider to our green hosting provider listing, please look at the guide : Your Company in the Green Hosting database - Contact us if you need help with the system.

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