Ice-World greens energy-use worldwide Ice-rinks through Cleanbits

The mobile rinks of market leader Ice-World are chilled by using green electricity. To achieve this, Ice-World will purchase 3 gigawatts of electricity every year from Dutch wind turbines through Cleanbits. This power will then be transported to the ice rinks via the worldwide electricity network.

Ice-World International - famed among other things for the largest ice rink in the world, FlevOnice at Biddinghuizen in the Netherlands, rents out around 600 mobile ice rinks every year via its network of dealers in some 20 countries in Europe and beyond.
The rinks are becoming ever more popular, not only in winter, but in summer as well. In more southerly countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria, it is important for the energy consumption of the rinks to be kept to a minimum.

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