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About Cleanbits

Who are your clients?
Cleanbits works for all private persons and companies that seek for a more sustainble use of the digital highway. People running a web log or web site, small and big companies with own servers or racks, hosting companies and data centers. For every client Cleanbits has a tailormade product.

Why would I, why would my company join Cleanbits?
If your digital activities already run on green energy, your company makes a simple, but strong statement using the Cleanbits logo: the internet should be a sustainable place. If your site, your mail traffic, your server or your data center uses grey energy and you ask Cleanbits to compensate the CO2 emission, your statement is just as positive. And in either case, you contribute to a growing consciousness that the internet world has its own role to play in fighting pollution and greenhouse gas related climate problems.

I would prefer my web site to run on green energy. Can Cleanbits host it?
No, we do not host web sites.


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1550665 Kg CO2 

77533 Trees

8606189 Kilometers