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Our Vision

Many little bits can make a big difference
A single web site running on grey energy doesn’t cause all that much CO2 emission. Fifteen trees are enough to compensate. On a worldwide scale however, we are talking about millions of sites and a volume of data traffic that is mind-blowing. The more people, the more companies that join the movement to create a more sustainable internet, the bigger the positive influence on our environment. And the greater the pressure on large, energy consuming corporations to become ‘digitally green’. Join in today. Together we can make an enormous difference.    

Growing awareness through visibility
The internet made the world more transparent and its people more aware. Making the use of green or grey energy on the web visible contributes to the awareness of the necessity for sustainability. The more our Cleanbits logo appears on websites and other means of communication, the more compelling it becomes to participate, too.

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CO2 emission by
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1685096 Kg CO2 

84255 Trees

9352280 Kilometers