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Cleanbits offers the following products:

Cleanbits Neutral Sites – From € 9,95 per year (excl.VAT)
For customers making use of a  hosting company using grey energy

Cleanbits takes care of the compensation of the CO2 emission caused by running your website and data traffic on grey energy. You may use our Cleanbits logo on your site and you get your own green counter page on our site, where you and other visitors can see the amount of CO2 that has been compensated for.  

Cleanbits Neutral Servers – From € 50,00 per year (excl. VAT)
For customers with a server running on grey energy.

At Cleanbits, we don’t host servers ourselves. We compensate the CO2 emission that’s the natural by-product of grey energy. Our Neutral Servers Contract allows you to use our Cleanbits logo in various means of communication, you will get your own green counter page on our web site. The price of the contract depends on the numbers of servers your company has in use.

Cleanbits Neutral Racks – From  € 200,00 / jaar (excl.VAT)
For customers using racks running on grey energy.

Cleanbits takes full responsibility for the CO2 compensation required for using (part of) racks and all data traffic. The subscription includes the right to use the Cleanbits logo in your companies communications, you’ll get your green counter page on our site, enabling you and your customers to see how much CO2 is compensated on behalf of you.

Cleanbits Neutral Datacenters – prices to be determined
For customers with a data center running on grey energy.

Your data center’s complete CO2 emission will be compensated for by planting and nurturing trees. Because the use of energy varies from center to center, our personal advisors will be pleased to visit your company and make a compensation estimate. Cleanbits furthermore offers you the possibility to offer all web site owners your company hosts, the opportunity to use the Cleanbits logo on their sites.

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CO2 emission by
Cleanbits Customers

1685176 Kg CO2 

84259 Trees

9352727 Kilometers