Cleanbits: active in creating a greener internet

For many of us Internet has become part of our daily lives, yet at the same time is a major contributor to carbon emissions. It is a luxury we can’t do without, but together we can help it become more environmentally friendly. Cleanbits is an active organisation striving to deliver a meaningful contribution towards creating a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly internet by:

  • Helping site owners, hosting providers and data centres become aware of their web servers environmental impact.
  • Making websites/servers CO2 neutral through:
    1. Compensation in renewable energy projects, in partnership with WindUnie.
    2. Tree plantation compensation, in partnership with Geldersch Landschap Charity.
  • Promoting the use of green energy for running websites, servers and data centers.
  • Providing transparency for a greener internet.

In fact it is the internet that made the world more transparent, and it is the goal of Cleanbits to make the greenness of internet transparent to the world.

By placing the Cleanbits logo on their websites and in other media, participants state their digital activities are CO2 neutral, while at the same time they express their support for making the world wide web a more environmentally friendly place.  The more people, the more companies that contribute to a more sustainable internet, the bigger the positive influence on our environment. And the greater the pressure on large, energy consuming corporations to become ‘digitally green’. Together we can make an enormous difference.